Big chunky Samsung Mail Delivery!

Today was the day I could  pick up my mail delivery and was pretty confused by the size of the package. Big, junky, one pound heavy, well cushioned, Samsung branded. That didn’t seem to be my additional Wave USB connection cable I ordered from Amazon. I opened the envelope and glanced inside. Lo’ and behold! Something in it I totally forgot about!

Remember Samsung’s PR idea to promote the ask.badadev platform? Promising 50 copies of the newly published paperback edition of “Introduction to bada” to the 50 most active users. I can just say, they kept to their word! I was greeted by a brand-new edition of the dev book, sealed fresh bookstore smell included!

At first hearing about this PR promotion, I didn’t expect much of it. After all, 50 copies is quite a bunch in relation to the actual size of our comfy tiny bada niche community. I’m not even sure there were enough people to receive the gifts. But hey, I’m impressed that this worked astoundingly flawless and that Samsung really tries to care for the bada developer community.

Introduction to bada - a look insight

A printed edition will be much more usable for me than the ebook edition, and seduces me to have one or two glimpses more into bada matters. Definitely worth it.

At this point some appreciation and a big thanks are due for Samsung, the bada team, and of course Wit, hard-working head of and the ask.badadev platform, and its formidable community. Kudos!

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