bada VoIP applications finally allowed

The disappointment was great at the release of bada with its total ban of VoIP apps like Skype or Fring. Although Samsung was blaming the operators, it’s still unclear why the unbranded bada firmwares weren’t equipped with VoIP services.

Nevertheless, the long awaited email arrived today, proclaiming the acceptance of VoIP apps into the SamsungAppstore from 4th March onwards. (Our community petition might have helped there a bit?). Have to note though that the VoIP service is still limited to specific countries. But see for yourself:

Dear Seller,

Thank you for always for using Samsung Apps Seller Office.

We would like to inform you that VoIP Application is available beginning on March 4th. Please read below for more details.

■ Requirements for registering VoIP Application

– Contents with VoIP services is available only in permitted countries.

– Countries where VoIP is allowed :
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Russian Federation, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland
Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Viet Nam

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….i’ve made the worst mistake buying a bada phone in kuwait. neither has the software been updated to 2.0, now voip isnt available even.

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