NoteCraft 3: Refresh of Awesomeness


There is a totally new version of NoteCraft! NoteCraft 3 is another complete rewrite and offers a much sleeker and cleaner interface, fullscreen menus and more functionality. New features include: automatic sorting, theme colour picker, due date option to the minute and visual reminders (no beeps or vibrations unfortunately)! Now, it is also flawlessly compatible […]

Site Redesign finally online

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If you were very keen, you might have noticed the all new site design that has been up for the last 2 days. It’s an awesome redesign I’ve been working on for quite some time now, taking inspiration from Microsoft’s former-called Metro design language. The wordpress theme now supports fancy post thumbnails, slideshows and galleries and has […]

Free Metro Style Reminder Icon

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I’ve been working on NoteCatalogue and NoteCraft and happened to need the reminder icon of Windows Phone 7. The Metro iconset from didn’t include it. So I ended up remaking it myself and just want to share it with you as it may be quite handy to have. It’s not an exact copy of […]