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State of Play: MeteorClock

I’m glad that the MeteorClock widget is so popular and am really happy about all the given feedback and suggestions for the next version. (Keep it coming!) This week I didn’t have any time or possibility to work much on it, though, as I enrolled at university and it’s quite a mess right now. Worst thing is, I lack a proper Internet connection! (Also a small teaser here)

Tethering over a prepaid card with my Wave is quite an expensive luxury and still nothing to work with, subsequently, info updates and articles were missing out. But I’m trying to fix that asap with a cheap prepaid datapacket for just a few bucks, I hope the SIM card ships tomorrow!

Although I tweeted this already quite a time ago, I’d like to hint everyone here eager for the new MeteorClock version onto a quick teaser:

How to stay up-to-date

Along with this, I also want to add, that due to time shortages and the additional efforts needed, I don’t check the many threads in forums where the MeteorClock widget is published in, that often. So, to get the quickest response about a possible problem or suggestion it is best to contact me directly or comment here on my blog. Another info channel for recent updates, like this teaser, is Twitter as I’m always tweeting infos as soon as there’s anything new. If you want to be up-to-date at all times you can follow me.

Version 2.0 will be released soon, no worries!

8 replies on “State of Play: MeteorClock”

so what is it you´re studying? computer science?
thx. for your effort! great work!

Thanks! Actually I’m studying industrial engineering, keeping computer stuff my hobby for now :)

Yea! You added date in the clock :)
Thats what i really wanted!
Thanks for your time spent to make (for me) the best clock for wave so far!

It looks really nice, its good there are people who are doing some nice widgets on bada, cuz it lacks them pretty much. Will it have the flop (i dont know how to name thic cuz eng. is not my nativ language;) effect when time changes? Isnt it a battery eater? I once had a different clock and it drained power pretty fast… And a last question – do You know anything about bada ver. 1.2? i know that it leaked and can be loaded via multiloader, but any info on official release?

I think you mean the “flip” animation :) Unfortunately I wont support it for now, as its not as easy as in similar clocks. It is indeed a battery eater as this tiny effect consumes inappropriately much system resources, many graphics need to be loaded. But thanks to your comment, I will have a look into CSS3 to see if a coded solution might be a viable alternative!

I flashed my Wave with bada 1.2 recently, and am really impressed by it. But I don’t know anything about the official release, sorry. This might still be a month ahead if it comes as with JF8, or what that was.

– edited to make more sense, whoops.