NoteCraft Widget now in Samsung Appstore!


After a long and nail-biting time in the approval process, my first widget is now available in the Samsung Appstore: NoteCraft !

Accessibility and Simplicity

NoteCraft derived from my personal wish to better manage my notes: to be able to quickly take down notes, to edit them, to always have them with me. And all that without the mess of dozens of rotting sticky post-its everywhere in my purse, pocket or on my table, and without the chance of randomly losing one!

There is nothing like it

Available note applications didn’t stand up to my expectations. Many just try to simulate a single oversized post-it on your homescreen. Fancy but unfortunately very inpractical and space-wasting. Other solutions with a more productive notion were incorporated in a complete native application. Major drawback for those is that they need to be launched and loaded first before you are actually able to do anything at all with your notes.

What if a Million-$ business idea pops to your mind you immediately need to scribble down before it vaporizes the next second? Or you are on the middle of the street, and you need to watch for yourself that you don’t end up under cars or bumping street lanterns. You need to steer through layers of menus first and then have to wait for your app to be loaded.

That is where NoteCraft comes into play. NoteCraft is designed on the one idea:

Keeping it real simple

NoteCraft is a powerful lightweight Widget to manage all your notes.

The purpose of NoteCraft is to grant you lightning-fast access to and control over your personal notes. Thanks to the Widget Homescreen concept, information is served to you in an instant, without any further user input or loading delay. The functional minimalistic and space-saving design helps you to see all your notes in just one glimpse.

Fast and Full Control

Write a meaningful and reminding title and add a detailed description. Scroll through the list and extend the Notes to show its additional info. Add as many notes as you want, change title and description or delete old ones – your choice!

No more Pen-and-Paper management necessary, you just get all on your phone, always with you! Remind yourself of important appointments – add locations and addresses as description – write your train’s schedule – your shopping- or task list. It’s up to you how and what you manage!

Bleeding-Edge Technology

NoteCraft is extremely lightweight and resource-saving thanks to javascript and CSS3 enhanced animations that support a cohesive user experience and intuitive control. Your notes are persistently stored in your phone’s memory for your joyful long-term user experience.

NoteCraft is now globally available on the Samsung Appstore for €1.99.

I’m continuously working  on NoteCraft to make it even more intuitive and productive. I will keep you posted on coming updates!

I love Feedback!

Got any problems, questions or suggestions? Leave a comment here or contact me at support[at], I’d really like to hear your opinion!


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