NoteCraft scores second Rejection


The email just got in today. NoteCraft 2 is now rejected by the SamsungApps certification again. The task import issue from first round was “fixed”, and the box display bug, yet still unresolved and present on the test device, is treated as a minor issue.  But then again, 2 new issues popped up. Now, the scroll panel seems to have problems, and when using the on-screen keyboard, the text area is moved into an unfavourable position.

To be honest, I’m getting pretty fed up with this. Some bada phones work this way or just totally different, that way. I can’t do more than I can get from my own testing device (the simulator is worthless). I will draw consequences and will eventually work with platforms where developers aren’t made clowns of. I’m getting tired of jumping through the countless hoops Samsung is laying out for us.

Nevertheless, I’m trying my best to get NoteCraft certified. This has been my biggest project to date and I won’t have this ruined.


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