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NoteCraft 2 Trial ready for download in SamsungApps

Received the confirmation yesterday that NoteCraft Trial successfully passed certification, and is already available in the store today!

Unfortunately, the majority of the certification process was not smooth at all. The full NoteCraft 2 application failed. The reasons of rejection and the certification process overall are very disappointing. I will write further information on this later on. For now, though, you can at least have a peek into the new NoteCraft with its trial version. Check out the source links for the direct link to the store.

Love to hear your opinion in the comments!

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Jörn, first of all, thanks for the most useful widget! ))

1) There is one BIG problem – disabled ENTER key (see picture for details –

2) I’ve noticed that there is a limit on the size of a note. Maybe increase it twice, at least?

3) Why don’t you implement drifting after dragging the list of notes (like in other Bada’s system applications: contacts, SMS messages and so on)?

1) the disabled Enter Key is Samsung’s fault, they deactivated it in bada 1.2 – don’t ask me why. NoteCraft sports a work-around for that, you need to write \n where you want to place a line break. It is explained on the NoteCraft project page with a lot of other stuff, too.

2) Indeed there is a limit. The last time I checked it was around 300 characters for the description. This is another restriction by Samsung, and again, I have no idea why. I don’t think I will be able to change this.

3) Another issue due to Samsung. The note list is an html scroll box and Samsung decided to not implement a “swipe effect” such as in lists of native apps. There could be work-arounds with javascript but I haven’t planned anything in that direction yet. I’ll put it onto my idea list, though ;)

Hope this answers your questions. Regards!

Absolutely! )

About the use of javascripts… hope that it did not affect negatively on fast-acting.

By the way, could you estimate pre-dates recertification? A pair of weeks?

ich habe eine frage: warum ist die trial version draußen aber die normale version ist durchgefallen? ist der unterschied nicht nur die anzahl der notizen?

why is the trial version in the shop but the full version not?

Hi Ilmadic, die Trial Version ist kaum verschieden von der Vollversion. Ein Problem ist die Task Import Funktion, welche in der Trial nicht enthalten war. Das andere war ein Layoutfehler, welchen ich nicht nachvollziehen kann. Warum die Trial den nicht hat, kann ich nicht sagen. Ich werd heute NoteCraft nochmal einsenden und noch etwas ausführlicheres Statusupdate geben wenn ich Zeit hab.

Hello. I try the trial version today.
and there is a problem. The widget show only 1/2 of the screen by the left.
but the right side is white background.

I use bada 1.2 and firmware version is JL2/JL3
plz fix it.
I am going to bye the full version.

thanks for your report! This seems to be the same issue that led to the certification rejection. Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce this issue on any testing device I have access to. I might contact you for further information if that’s ok.

Hello Jörn,
I just downloaded notecraft trial, adn its really nice app. If you are interested I try to transalte it to Czech. Our local Samsung office anounced opening of payware appstore in CZ somewhere around the begining of May..wohoo..:)
Question: Is possible to enlarge font in Notecraft? I can see it, but a bit bigger font will make me happy…:)

Thanks for the offering, help is very appreciated! I just sent you a mail.
About the font size, which text element would you like to see enlarged: title, dates, description or the text boxes when making new notes? Although, personally, I find the size and legibility of text sufficient for a very high information density, I’ll have a look into this.

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