NoteCraft 2 submitted to Certification


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Hello folks, I know it’s been very long since the actual release of NoteCraft. I had lots of things around privately. But I haven’t been idle – not the least. I listened to all your terrific feedback and developed improvements for the now coming NoteCraft 2!

Information in a Nutshell

  • This version will be released as an update to the current NoteCraft 1.11 version. So, everyone who already owns NoteCraft will be able to update to NoteCraft 2 for FREE!
  • NoteCraft price dropping to 1€ instead of 2€, wooh!
  • NoteCraft 2 available for purchase in about 1 to 2 weeks if there won’t be any issues during certification
  • There will be so many cool new features, you won’t believe it!

You can find much much more info on the new NoteCraft Project Page!



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