MeteorClock 2.24


MeteorClock got its 2.24 update, which is available for download now!


  • added Spanish and Czech language support (thanks Lechucks, Ben)
  • repaired Turkish language files, Turkish characters are displayed correctly now
  • Town Name is automatically down-sized if too long, to avoid overlapping
  • adding a town which was selected in the Found list no longer displays null at start

Download is available on the new and hot MeteorClock Project Page!

PS: This version is more recent than the MeteorClock 2.21 version which is currently in SamsungApps certification.

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  1. Yeonsu, Bak

    Hello Joern,
    I wanna help you to have a Korean language support on MeteorClock.
    If you need my help, please send an e-mail to the e-mail address below on this comment.

  2. mark

    error messengs > < … why ??? bada 1.0
    TypeError:Result of
    expression 'a[memory.lang]'
    [undefined] is not an object.

    • Hi mark, what language do you use on your Wave and when does this error appear? On widget start or when you click on something?

      • mark

        english ok ~~ No Problem

        but i using traditional Chinese . can’t open & set widget

  3. Antonio

    hi. In 2.24 spanisn version, some words appears in english like ” Partly Cloudy/Windy”. It must be ” Parcialmente nuboso / ventoso”. THANKS

    • thanks for the info. This particular weather phrase wasn’t present in any other language than English yet. I added it and it’ll be in the next version. Thanks!

    • Antonio

      I can translate to Spanish if you want. I understand Spanish and English

      • Hi Antonio, sorry for the late response!
        MeteorClock already supports Spanish. It automatically chooses the phone language if available, so you need to set your phone to Spanish to have MeteorClock in Spanish as well. Still though, thanks for your offering! :)

  4. Dragana

    Half of the data (the name of the city, weather, wind…etc) are on english and another half, date, day and month are on romanian!!!! Please fix this, thank You.

  5. Michael

    Great time & weather widget! I really like the graphics & the small filesize.
    Just one issue so far…. it always shows 0° degrees, no matter how the real temperature is. H & L seems to be correct. Is this a known bug? Runs on my Wave II, Bada 1.2

    • Could you tell me the location for the temperature? Without knowing what place we are speaking of, I can’t really tell whether that’s a correct temperature or not. Is your place supposed to be more like Siberia or Florida? ;)

      Anyway, there shouldn’t be any weather data issues on the side of MeteorClock. It could be that Yahoo! Weather is wrong. You should check what they say on their homepage: . It’s the same data.

      • Michael

        My location is Germany and you’re right, it’s a problem with Yahoo! Weather not with the widget. I just had a look at their site and it says -1° celsius, but real temperature here at the moment is +14°.
        I was just surprised, because it showed 0 degrees since install (about a week ago) and never changed, even after refresh…

      • okay, that’s good to know! If it bothers you too much, maybe a mail to Yahoo might help, telling them that their today’s data is completely wrong. After all, they correctly determine the High’s and Low’s.

  6. 13eforeu

    I have a problem
    I am Thai and use wave to set timezone Bangkok GMT +7
    and the system language is set to English.
    but the date say Mar, 19 ,Abr
    and since I dont understand other language.
    How can I change the language manually.

    • yup, that appears to be a common problem with the recent versions. I’m completing MeteorClock 2.25 these days which will fix this issue. Might be able to release it in the following days.